Jambo Mall runs an e-commerce program comprising a mobile application and a website, along with endorsing logistics and payment infrastructure, to buy and sell customer commodities in Kenya.

These terms and conditions are acceptable and applicable to shoppers and sellers in the marketplace (mobile application and website) and related services.

By using our website and mobile phone application, you accept all Jambo Mall’s terms and conditions. If you disagree or disapprove of our terms and conditions, you may not use our site.

If you utilize our site for business or other organizational project purposes, by doing so, you agree to:

  1. Verify that you have accessed the required authority to agree to the terms and conditions.
  2. Align the involved parties, such as the legal entity or entities that run the organizational project or business, with the terms and conditions.

Registration and account

  1. The shoppers allowed to register with our site must be 18 years and above
  2. You may register for an account with or application by completing and submitting the registration form from our website or mobile application.
  3. When you register with our marketplace, you must offer an email address, user ID, and password that you contend with.

Notably: the password should be kept private and notify us if someone accesses your password without your consent.

  1. You shall exemplarily use your account, and you shall not convey your account details to a third party.
  2. We may cancel or edit your account if need be, in our sole discretion and without notice, as long as we refund products and services that you have purchased without delivery yet, provided you have not violated the terms and conditions.
  3. You might cancel your account by contacting us at contact our customer service call center at 254-114239979 or email us at support@jambomall.com.

Mode of payment or payments

Once your identified product is selected, add to cart, pay, and wait for delivery.

Use of the website and mobile applications

You may:

  1. Download pages from our site
  2. View pages from our site in a web browser
  3. Print pages for personal and non-commercial usage provided that the printing is minimal (not excessive) and not systematic.
  4. Stream audio or video files from our site
  5. Jambo Mall site can only be used for personal and commercial purposes in accordance with selling or buying items in the marketplace.
  6. Jambo Mall site is not to be modified or edited unless permitted by the terms and conditions.

You may not:

  1. Show our materials on the website publicly.
  2. Sell or sub-license material from our site.
  3. Reallocate material from our site
  4. Abuse material from our site for commercial purposes
  5. Republish material from Jambo Mall website
  6. Use our website unlawfully, immorally, or unethically.
  7. Hack or interfere with our website
  8. Stop any security or authentication structures or procedures on or connected to our website.
  9. Interfere with our website through an activity that disrupts the standard use of our website
  10. Use information collected from our site for direct marketing activity

Copyright and trademarks

  1. Jambo Mall and our licensors possess and regulate all the copyright and intellectual property rights and material on our website
  2. All materials, copyrights, and intellectual property on our website are reserved.
  3. We do not allow the use of our trademarks and logos. Such use might include a breach of our rights.

Jambo Mall’s role as a market place

You recognize that:

  1. We do not confirm, audit, or screen all data contained in listings.
  2. We do not verify all website users’ identities, that is, check their credit value or vet them.
  3. We are not involved in any business deal between shopper and seller.
  4. We do not act as agents for the buyer and seller; we are not liable to any individual for the sale of any item advertised on our website and have no mediation responsibility between the parties involved.

We do not warrant:

  1. Accuracy or completeness of data published on our site
  2. The market place will run without fault or defects.
  3. The material on our site is updated.
  4. Our site and the products and services offered will remain available.

Breach of terms and conditions

A violation of terms and conditions will result in:

  1. Your temporary suspension from accessing our website
  2. Permanently ban you from accessing our site.
  3. Contact your internet service providers for a request to block your access to our site.
  4. Block computers using your IP address from accessing our site
  5. Suspend or remove your account from our marketplace
  6. Take legal actions against you.

When we suspend, block, or prohibit your access to Jambo Mall’s marketplace, you may not take any legal action or bypass such prohibitions such as creating a distinct account.


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